Submission Guidelines

Clare Three-Leggèd Stool Poets invite submissions of original poems for inclusion in the weekly Poetry Column published by The Clare Champion.

To submit your poems e-mail a maximum of four (4) in the body of the e-mail (do not send as an attachment) to .
Please bear in mind that concrete poems cannot be published due to their special spacing requirements.
Please also include a short biographical note.
The maximum length of a poem is 50 lines, and the poems must be your own original work. There is no guarantee that your poems will be published.
Priority will be given to submissions from the Mid-West region (Clare, Limerick, Galway, Tipperary, Kerry). By submitting you agree to the possible inclusion of your poem(s) in a future anthology. You retain the copywrite over your poems.
Submissions that do not meet the guidelines will not be considered. The final decision lies with the editorial panel of the Clare Three-Leggèd Stool Poets group which has sole discretion over the poetic content of the Poetry Column.


Here are some guidelines which may help you to write good poems:

  • The form should not restrict or distort the poem's meaning, feeling or quality
  • Do not force the rhythm or rhyme - a poem can be freeform
  • Avoid writing about particular 'subjects' unless you can give the poem authenticity
  • Write out of your own experience and imagination
  • Avoid clichés, repetition, vagueness, abstraction, being 'poetic'
  • Do not use antique language such as "thou", "o'er", "canst" etc.
  • Make sure the grammar, spelling and punctuation are correct
  • Avoid sentimentality, but not sentiment
  • Do not sacrifice the meaning or feeling of a poem to please other people
  • Do not fear criticism - be courageous with your poems
  • Be present in your poems
  • Keep a notebook of thoughts, ideas and impulses which may become poems
  • Read your poems aloud to yourself and listen to how they sound
  • Write and rewrite each poem as much as you need to
  • Come and read your poems in Glór with us on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 2pm
  • Read poetry anthologies and collections
  • Try to write regularly
  • Feel free to ignore any or all of the above guidelines, but you do so at your peril!